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4.2 Create Training Task

To detect and identify a particular object, it should be trained in a good manner. PicStork is a powerful platform for detecting and analyzing the presence of objects selected as per requirements. The user can train the system to identify, locate, and count the presence of selected objects in the image set.
Normally, a training task is used to create a new detector. The input provided to the training task is an Annotation set whereas, the output of the training task is always a detector. The user may create a new detector for his application or he can use the predefined detectors available in PicStork. The detectors created by the user will be stored on the cloud, associated with his account, which is easily accessible. A number of detectors created will be displayed on the dashboard. The user can view the list of detectors by clicking on "View" option near to Detector on the dashboard, as shown in the following image.
The detectors created by the user may be considered "Private" detectors as these are not easily available to other users. The concerned detector can be public by allowing the access to other users.