Introduction to PicStork

Delivering Excellent Drone Image Analytics to Efficiently Achieve Your Aerial Intelligence Goals


PicStork is a powerful and simple-to-use platform that is used especially for image and video analysis. Total analytics is readily available that can be used for the decision-making process. PicStork helps to automate end-to-end aerial image analytics. The users can bring their data, train detectors, and analyze data, everything on their own. No programming or coding is required.

Drones fetch thousands of aerial images and PicStork makes it easy by analyzing them in real time. Just prepare your dataset with help of images taken in the previous projects in AeroGCS KEA or from a local drive to upload and perform annotation.

After successful annotation, PicStork enables building training tasks easily. It helps in training your own models with optimized algorithms for speed and faster object detection. It is possible to see the results even when a flight is in progress. Users can track the flight and see images appearing live on the cloud.

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