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6.1 Define Manual Annotation Task

Click on
sign on the dashboard next to Task to create Annotation Report. Select Annotation Report option from the pop-up window.
Create Annotation Report
The following window will pop up after selecting Annotation Report Task. Enter the task name and select a project for the annotation report task. The user may create a new project or use an existing project from the list.
Create Annotation Report Task
After confirmation of the task name, project selection click on "Create Task" button to proceed as shown in the following image.
Create a Task
Select the images from the folder and click on the "Setup" button to select these images.
Upload Images for Annotation
Perform the manual annotations on the images uploaded.
The user will get a window with a detailed report of the number of images analyzed, objects detected, total images, etc. as shown in the image below.
Detailed Report
The user can select a particular image to annotate the objects manually if any required.