8. Task Management

The user can manage tasks created by himself. The details of tasks are displayed along with the status and number of images used for that particular task.

PicStork provides various ways to display the status of tasks.

8.1 From Dashboard

Select Tasks options and click on "View" option available to view tasks, from the dashboard, performed by the user.

The status of a task is displayed along with the number of images, date created and name of the project in which it is created.

Deleted task cannot be recovered once it is deleted.

8.2 Select Task from list

Click on the down arrow present in front of the project to see the list of tasks. Select "Tasks" from the drop-down menu. The list of tasks will be displayed

The details of the tasks will be displayed such as the name of a task, type of task, status, number of images involved in the task, name of the project, etc.

The following details will be displayed on the screen on selection of a particular task name.

8.3 Select Task from Project

Select the project from the list of projects. The list of tasks associated with it will be displayed on the screen as indicated in a red color box. The user can select a task from the list just by clicking on the name of a task. The status of task is also displayed.

The details of task will be displayed on the selection of the respective task as shown in the image.

The user can see summary report or detailed report of the task completed.

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