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6.4 Generate Report

The user may have reports in two format
1) Detailed Report
2) Summary Report

6.4.1 Detailed Report

Report of a Task
Click on "Detail Report" option as shown in the above image.
The following image shows more details of the selected task that includes number of images analyzed, objects detected, total number of images used, etc.
Details of Task Performed
Severity Levels in Detailed Report
The user can set the severity of accuracy as All, Normal, Medium, High, Higher and Very High medium as shown in the above image. You can see all the images used for object detection. Select any image and edit the annotation. Data can be exported by clicking on the "Export Data" button. A zip file will be downloaded to your system. This zip file contains separate .JSON files per image as shown in the following image.
Export Data in Zip format on computer
The detailed information of that specific image is available in these files as shown in image below. These files can be used for further use as it contains details related to coordinates and annotation, etc. as shown in the following image.
  • Editing the Detailed Report:

PicStork allows us to edit the images from the detailed report for annotations. Sometimes, due to some reasons, all the objects may not be identified or the user wants to add a few more objects to detect, then PicStork provides edit detection report functionality.
Editing Detailed Report for Detectors
The user may add or change the severity level and add a note for that annotation if required. Save this information by selecting "Save" option and move further.
Severity Level
The "Select Severity Level" will decide the priority of the detection in case of duplicate detection. Adding a note to it will give the information about why and how this object was detected or any other specific information about the detection.
User can see the tasks according to the severity levels assigned as shown in the images below:
Display images according to the Severity level assigned to Detectors
Display images according to the Severity level assigned to Detectors
As the severity level is changed, PicStork will show the respective images with number of objects detected. It will show the total number of objects when the severity level is selected as "All".
Display images according to the Severity level assigned to Detectors
The objects detected per image will be indicated by a number at the lower right corner of the respective image.
Number of Objects Detected per Image

6.4.2 Summary Report

To have a Summary Report, click on
button and you will get the statistical data related to the detection of objects from the images as shown in the image below.
Summary Report Generation