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4.3.1 Creation of Detection Task From Training Task

PicStork allows the user to create a detector task from a training task. The process for creating a detector task from the training task is as follows:
  • Open the project and then open a training task from the list.
  • The training task will open where the user will get the option to create a detector task as shown in the following image.
Detector Task from Training Task
  • Click on the "Detection Task" button to create a detector task.
  • Create a task with a certain name and project. The user can select an existing project from the list of projects displayed.
Create Detection Task
  • Select the imageset from the existing imagesets or the user can create a new imageset by adding the images from the computer.
  • Select detection purpose, select detectors and objects to be detected as per the requirements.
Select Processing Parameters
  • The detector created from a training task will be used for creating the new detection task.
  • Wait for detection task to be created.