1. Dashboard

The dashboard provides statistics related to the objects detected, projects handled, etc. as shown in the following image.
Detailed description of every section is discussed here.
Dashboard of PicStork

1.1 Images

This icon will display a number of images used by the user for training as well as detection.

1.2 Objects

This icon will indicate the number of objects detected by using PicStork.

1.3 Tasks

A total number of tasks handled by the user is displayed under this icon. Click on "View" option available to see the details of the tasks performed.

1.4 Detectors

The number of detectors created by the user will be displayed by using this icon. Details of detectors created are available by clicking on "View" option.

1.5 Cloud Space Utilized

The cloud space utilized by the user for storing images, detectors, etc. is calculated and displayed here.

1.6 Projects

This portion of the dashboard shows details of projects such as name, number of tasks, date of creation, etc.
Click on
to create a new project. The user will get the following image for creating a new project.
Create Project
Follow the instructions and steps to create a project.

1.6.1 Tasks

A new task can be added by clicking on the
button. A number of relevant tasks can be created and added to a project. One image set is used for one task. You cannot create many tasks based on the same image set. If you want to use one image set for different tasks then you can duplicate the image set and then use it.
Click on
to change the display style as shown in the image below.
Projects displayed
The user can see the list of plans, image sets, tasks, and annotation sets created by selecting respective options from the drop-down list as shown in the following image.
Select Option to create Plan, Image set, etc.

1.6.2 Plans

Select "Plans" option to see the list of plans used in projects. The details of every plan are displayed here as shown in image below:
List of Plans

1.6.3 Imageset

List of Imagesets
List of image sets shows the details such as the number of images and date of creation.
List of Tasks
Tasks List shows the associated image set or video with type of task and date of created as shown in the above image.

1.6.4 Annotation Set

List of Annotation Sets
The details of annotation set includes the details of associated image set, plan and date of created.
Details of Project
The above image shows the details of associated imagesets, tasks, and annotation sets with the selected project. The user can use any method to read the details described above.

1.6.5 Delete

All of the above-described options can be easily removed by clicking on three dots present on the right side of the respective title. The following image shows the deletion of image set.
Deletion of Image Set
The same process is applicable to all other options.

1.7 Objects Detected

Object Detected
This section of the dashboard shows the statistics of objects detected by the user. The graph shows the number of objects per day.

1.8 Task Analysis

Task Analysis
Detailed analysis of the tasks will be available in this section of the dashboard. It shows the number of completed, pending, in process, and failed tasks.