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2.1 Images

After the successful creation of a task, now add the imageset for annotation.
Add Images
Add images by clicking on the "New Imageset" button on the top corner of right-hand side.
Create an Imageset
Edit the name of imageset in the window and click on the "Ok" button to proceed. Click on "Add Images" button to add images from the computer.
Add Images
The user may upload images in the following ways as shown in the image.
Types of Images to be Uploaded
  • Upload Images: The user can upload either JPEG or PNG images only through this option.
  • Upload Orthomosaic tiff: The user can upload COG-compatible orthomosaic tiff images through this option.
  • Import from DroneNaksha: The user can import an orthomosaic map from DroneNaksha by using this option.
  • Import ZIP: Import the ZIP folder containing the images. Here one option is provided for "Selecting Application" such as "Windmill" as shown in the following image.
Import ZIP
Select the folder and number of images from any folder from the computer to upload the images.
Note: Make sure that the image file size is upto 4GB for uploading the images.