2.3 Report

After a task is completed, a report will be generated. The status of a task will be changed to 'Completed' from 'Pending'. PicStork generates two types of reports as follows:

  • Summary Report: In a summary report, the summary of the total number of objects detected

  • Detailed Report: Select the button mentioned as "Detail Report" as shown in the image below.

Once this option is selected, the user will have the detailed report as shown below.

The detailed report includes the details about the number of images analyzed, the number of objects detected, the Total images used for performing this task, and the severity of the task.

The task for which the report is generated can be shared with another user by clicking on the "Share Task" button.

More on reports is discussed in the separate section named Generating Report of the same user manual. (Section no. 6.3)

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