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5.2 Inspection and Manual Annotation

The user can inspect the detailed report keenly and add the objects which are missed by the automatic detection.
This facility is available in the detailed report of the Annotation Report task and Detector task only. This facility is not available in the training task.

5.2.1 Edit an Object

Select the object to edit. Select the edit option
available as shown in the image below.
Editing of an Object
Select the desired object that was not detected automatically.
To edit the object now, select the object first, then select the edit option from the tools appearing on the screen. The user may change the size and severity of the selected object as shown below.
The user will be able to delete the selected object or copy and paste the selected object. The copied object will be pasted as it is anywhere as per requirement. The shape of the object can be modified if required. After editing the object click on
the tick mark to save the changes done.

5.2.2 Change the Severity Level

Select the object as shown in the above image to edit by using the select pointer.
Edit an Object for Severity
After selecting the particular object, the menu and other options will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Select the "Severity" option from here to assign or change the severity level of accuracy as shown in the image.
Save the object after annotation and assign the severity by clicking on the "Save" button.

5.2.3 Delete an Object

To delete the annotation on the positions which were annotated by mistake then just select the annotated object by selection pointer and then click on the object to be deleted and then click on the "Delete" option as highlighted in the image below.
Delete an Object

5.2.4 Apply Filter

The user can apply the filter to see the objects according to the severity level. Click on this
symbol to apply the filter. The new window will appear on the screen from where the user is able to select the severity level as per requirement. The user to see the objects only from the applied filter after clicking on the "Apply" button.
Apply Filter
Select Filter Setting
Select the severity level and objects which are to be filtered from the list displayed on the screen and then click on the "Apply" button to apply the filter which would be reflected for the output.