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10. Settings

The user can set the profile, subscription, and other settings through this menu.
Setting option offers the following options:
Settings Menu

10.1 Profile

The user can see his personal data such as name, address, email address, contact number, etc. Also, the user can edit his profile by clicking on
this icon if want to change it. If anything is missing or entered wrongly then the user can edit these settings by using this option.
Edit Profile
Editing information can be saved by clicking on the "Save" button.

10.2 Subscription

The user can check his subscription by using this option. Checking the billing cycle and expiry date becomes easy with this option. If the user wants to modify the subscription annually or monthly then click on the "Modify" option available.
Subscription Status
The user can choose the plan available which is displayed on the screen. The user can compare the plans available by clicking on the compare plan button provided by PicStork.
Choose Plan
The user can choose a monthly or annual plan according to their use and requirements.

10.3 Invoices

The invoices of the products will be generated and displayed here with all the details required.

10.4 Change Password

Change Password
To provide security it is recommended to change the password after a certain period of time. To avail of this facility, PicStork provides the "Change Password" option. The changed password will be saved by selecting the "Save" button.