2. Projects/Plans

2.1 Create New Analytics Project

Click on
sign on the top right corner as shown in the figure below.
Create a New Project
Give name to a newly created project. Click on "Next" button to proceed.
Next pop-up window will appear to create a plan. Enter name of the plan and click on "Next" button to move further.
Assigning Plan Name
Now, create an image set for analysis. The image set may be stored on a local computer or any set of images stored on Google. The images may be captured by a drone or may be any type of images with any extension.
Image Set Selection
Click on "Next" button to move further.
Uploading Images
Click on "Finish" button to select the images to uploaded from the desired folder. Wait for uploading all the images selected. Pop up window will appear after successful uploading of images.
Uploading Completed
Select task to perform on the selected image set as shown in image below.
Selecting a Task

2.2 Create New Plan

Click on
sign to create a new plan in your already existing project as shown in the following image. The user can create multiple plans in one project.
Create a New Plan
Give the plan name required. User may select any one plan from existing plans provided by the drop-down list. Press "Next" for next process.
Create a Plan
Create an image set for uploading images in it. Give the appropriate name for an image set.
Create an Image set
Upload images from your computer. Select a minimum of 10 images for processing. More images may take more time for processing. PicStork will update the user after completely uploading the image set successfully. List of images will be displayed with List view, icon view and map view. Geotagged images can be easily viewed on the map view.
List of Images uploaded