3.2 Videos

PicStork supports video detection also. The user can upload the video for the detection of objects only. Steps to perform detection on video are as mentioned below:
3.2.1 Upload the video
The user may upload the video from a local computer or from AeroStream Service provided by AeroGCS Enterprise.
Upload Video for Detection
Select "Upload from Computer" option and the pop-up window will appear that allows you to browse the video from your local computer. Select the proper video to upload and complete the video uploading process. PicStork allows importing video from AeroStream (AeroGCS Enterprise) also.
Upload Video from a Local Computer
3.2.2 Create a Detector task for the selected video.
Create a new task in the same way as in the case of images. Now, Select "Video" from the options available as shown in the image below. Select the proper video and "Frames per Second" and move further.
Create Detection Task for Video
3.2.3 Set the Frames per Second for detection.
Setting "Frames per Second" will decide the speed of processing. It will decide how faster processing will be performed.
Selecting Frames per Second

3.2.4 Detector Selection

Select the detectors to be applied for video processing. The user can select multiple detectors. If user wants to remove any detector, he can just click on "x" on the righthand corner of the respective detector. By clicking on "Next" button, the summary will be displayed as shown in the following image.
Detection Task Created for Video
Detection Task Created for a Selected Video
Rest all the things are similar to uploading and detecting images.
The output of the video detection task is shown in the following image. The list of objects detected is displayed on the right side. The user can see the presence of objects in a video by playing the video. The objects detected will be highlighted in the video when played.
Output of Video Detection Task