6.3 Generating Report

PicStork will provide a detailed analysis in the report format. These reports will be generated automatically after the successful completion of a task and available in two formats as discussed in the following section.

6.3.1 Detailed Report

Click on View "Detailed Report" option as shown in the above image. The following image shows more details of the selected task.
Detailed Report
The user can set the severity of accuracy as low, high, or medium as shown in the above image. You can see all the images used for object detection. Select any image and edit the annotation. Data can be exported by clicking on the "Export Data" button. A zip file will be downloaded to your system. These files can be used for further use.
Detailed Report
Screen Recording of Detailed Report

6.3.2 Summary Report

Summary of the analysis will be displayed as the Summary Report. Graphical and statistical data will be displayed which includes the number of objects detected.
Summary Report
"Summary Report" can be downloaded and stored on your local computer. You can save this report in .pdf format which can be read as and when required as shown in the following image.
Downloaded Report
Image-wise detailed analysis report is readily available after processing through PicStork as shown in the following image. A number of objects detected per image are readily available. This is a powerful feature of PicStork.
Detailed Analysis