7.2 Add an Image Set

Assigning the proper image set is important for excellent results. Maximum images ensure the efficiency of object detection. Make sure that the image set assigned for the said task is having respective objects. The user can assign image sets in different ways.

7.2.1 Adding Images one by one

Images can be added or deleted as and when it is required.
Create and Add Images to an Image Set
Click on
to add images and
to delete images.
The user can add images one by one from Google also in the same way.
One image set is used for one task. The same image set can not be shared by two or more tasks. The user can duplicate the image set and use it for another task as shown in the image below.
Duplicating an Image Set
Save the image set with a different name and wait for duplicating and uploading the images for that image set. PicStork will prompt with a "Successful" operation as shown below:
Completion of Image Set Duplicating

7.2.2 Add a Folder from Local Computer:

Create an image set and click on
and add the number of images from a folder stored on the local computer as shown in the image below:
Assigning Image Set